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AMSAY Conference: More Than A Conference – Bankole

AMSAY Conference: More Than A Conference – Bankole

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7 years after it was birthed, the Annual Maritime Students And Youth Conference also known as ‘A Day With Nigerian Maritime Students’  has gone beyond being a platform that converge maritime students for crucial discussions to a life changing platform that imparts the students for good. Call it a ‘memorable turning point’ which every maritime student and young maritime professionals now look forward to each year. 

In other words, AMSAY Conference is not just a conference, it’s about motivation, inspiration, insights, knowledge, networking and reward for success as the students progress in their career path. 

‘Good thinking, they say makes good product’. The organisers, Platforms Communications did a wonderful job in terms of ‘structure and content’ for the event. Structured into three sessions: the Opening Session, the Technical Session and the Award Session, AMSAY Conference is never a boring occasion. 

The Opening Session, comprising of the Welcome Address by the Convener, the Chairman’s Opening Remarks, Goodwill Messages by Critical Stakeholders and Professional Bodies, brief Special Addresses by Heads of Government Agencies in the maritime sector on various trending topics and Keynote Speech from the Ministry of Transportation. All set the ball rolling for the business of the day.

The Technical Session is that crucial moment when critical issues are discussed in the two Paper Presentations earmarked for the day with their respective Panel Discussions followed by Questions and Answers. While the opening segment is inspiring and insightful, the Technical Session is always educative and motivational. 

Then comes the Award Session, the most interesting part for many students. This is the segment where the Best Graduating Students in each of the maritime Courses offered in various maritime schools across the country are identified and honoured with Award of Academic Excellence.  

Here, healthy academic competition is stimulated amongst the students by rewarding academic excellence. Previously, some of the best Students have won Cash Prizes, automatic employment and sea time experiences, scholarships and the likes. 

6th AMSAY Conference Banner

At the end, the students and other  participants leave the hall feeling motivated, inspired, enlightened, educated, rewarded, imparted and yearning for the next edition. And every next edition is an improvement on the previous one as new ideas and innovations are always introduced. This year, the organisers are introducing Speech Making Competition for Maritime Students. Watch out for it! 

In a nutshell, AMSAY Conference is more than a conference. The various testimonials by maritime students are a pointer that indeed the brand has made tremendous impacts in the lives of students who are the primary beneficiaries of the initiative. 

Sunday Bankole, ND, Marine Engineering, HND, Transport and Logistics, Associated Degree, Transport and Logistics; AMSAY Conference Volunteer.


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