FOMI Welcomes Partners, Investors As Brand Set For Major Expansion

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The Management of Face Of Maritime International (FOMI) has announced its readiness to welcome interested companies, organisations or individuals who would like to partner or invest in the  maritime industry pageantry.

In a press statement issued in Lagos over the weekend, the Director of Face Of Maritime International, Mr Sylvanus Obasi stated that after five years of understudying the prospects of the industry pageantry, the organisers having done a SWOT Analysis of the brand, are now ready for a major expansion, hence the need to welcome partners and investors who are ready to join resources together with the organisers in order to expand the frontiers of the brand and actualise it’s goals and objectives globally.

According to Mr Obasi, “The past 5 years have been dedicated to understudying the prospects of FOMI as an industry pageant of international standards. Developing and creating the right contents for FOMI as a brand. Charting a course for the brand and giving the brand the right Identity. Learning what works and what doesn’t work. Gaining practical experience in running and managing the brand and her queens.

“And now that we are going into the 6th Edition, we are now convinced and ready to welcome investors and partners of like minds and interests to take the brand to its rightful place globally”, he said. 

Recall that Face Of Maritime International is an industry pageant of international standards which advocates greater participation of women in maritime career paths.

FOMI was founded in July, 2016. The aims and objectives of FOMI are built on four pillars, namely:

a. to change the perception that maritime is all for men.
b. to Champion Girls-Go-To-Sea campaign.
c. to Promote Nigeria’s maritime tourism potentials 
d. to mentor and empower young women in maritime career path.