Voting In Top Gear As FOMI Unveils 2020 Contestants

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Voting campiagn for contestants of Face Of Maritime International (FOMI) 2020 is already in top gear as the organisers unveiled the profile pictures of 21 pretty damsels contesting for Season 5 Edition of the maritime industry pageantry.

According to the contestants voting photos released in FOMI official Instagram handle: (faceofmaritime), a vote cost #50 only and fans can vote for the contestant of their choice as many times as they want and for any amount they can afford. 

HOW TO VOTE: The FOMI voting procedure are as follow
OPTION 1 (BY TRANSFER): Transfer amount of votes to Zenith Bank Account No: 1014337160. Then text Contestant’s name and amount paid to 07039705851. You will get instant SMS informing you that your vote is successful.

OPTION 2 (BY CASH DESPOSIT): Pay amount of votes to Platforms Communications Concept Zenith Bank ACC No: 1014337160 using Contestant’s name as depositor. She will get instant SMS informing her that your vote for her is successful.

NOTE: You can vote as many times as you want.

FOMI VOTING SPECIFICATIONS: Are detailed as follows:
N50             = 1 Vote

N100           = 2 Votes

N200           = 4 Votes

N500           = 10 Votes

N1000         = 20 Votes

N1500         = 30 Votes

N2000         = 40 Votes

N2500         = 50 Votes

N5000         = 100 Votes

N10,000      = 200 Votes

N25,000      = 500 Votes

N50,000      = 1000 Votes

N100,000    = 2000 Votes

N250,000    = 5000 Votes

N500,000    = 10,000 Votes

N1,000,000 = 20,000 Votes, etc.


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