How To Ensure Smooth Zoom Meeting – By Sylvanus Obasi

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Step 1. Download zoom app in your phone through Google playstore.
Step 2. Join Zoom meeting at the scheduled Meeting time via:I. Zoom link which connect you straight into the meeting. OrII. Login using Meeting ID and Passcode.

Step 3. When you are admitted into the meeting, click on your phone screen, you will see the following icons/features below your screen:
I. Mic/Audio icon: Click on it to allow zoom record/make your voice audible. This icon is used to mute or unmute your voice.

II. Video icon: Click on this to allow zoom video/show your face. This icon is used to hide or show your face.
III. Participants: Click here to see the list of people participating in the meeting.

IV. More: Click here to perform other functions like chat, assign roles, etc.
Step 4. Leave Meeting: At the top right corner of your screen, you will see the “Leave or End” Icon, usually written in red. If you are a participant, and you click ‘Leave’, you will exit the meeting. If you are the host and you click ‘End’ the meeting will stop .
It’s pretty simple. Enjoy your Zoom meeting.  


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