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Girls Go-To-Sea Campaign (GGOTSEC) is the pet-project of Face Of Maritime International. The campaign was first flagged off in Nigeria in February 2017 by FOMI  queens, and was official launched in June 6 of the same year at Osborne School Complex Ikoyi with over 200 girl students in attendance.

DEFINITION: GGOTSEC basically is a catch – them – young campaign program targeted at secondary school girls with a view to encouraging more female participation in key maritime professions. It requires the FOMI winners to feature on several Radio and TV programs, visit secondary schools, and create awareness for Nigerian girls to study maritime related courses at the tertiary education level.

BACKGROUND – Why Girls Go-To-Sea Campaign?
After the International Transport Workers Federation, released its 2015 Research Report which shows that “only 2% of the world’s Maritime workforce is made up of women”, Platform Reporters, a leading media outfit in the Nigerian Maritime Sector organized a research in 2016 whose objective was to ascertain the participation of women in core maritime professions in Nigeria. The result of the Research showed as follows:

1. NSDP BENEFICIARIES:                                  2,259  Male    1909          Female   350
2. CLASS ONE MARINE ENGINEERS:             200    Male    200            Female    0
3. MASTER MARINERS:                                      350    Male    349            Female    1
4. OCEANOGRAPHERS:                                      75      Male    60              Female   15

5. MARITIME LAWYERS:                                  200     Male    140            Female   60
8. TRANSPORT/MARITIME PROFESSORS   25        Male    23              Female    2
9. TRANSPORT/MARITIME PHD HOLDERS 45       Male    40              Female    5
10. FREIGHT FORWARDERS:                          1331   Male    1227           Female    104
11.  CREWING AGENTS:                                    100     Male    99               Female    1

The result above, presented an urgent need to encourage more Nigerian girls to take career opportunities in the maritime industry so as to ensure equal participation of women in core maritime professions, especially in line with global trend which shows that women are doing well both in professional, management and political positions.

To lead the campaign, Platform Reporters organized the maidenFace Of Maritime International (FOMI 2016), with the sole aim of raising three winners (queens) who will champion the campaign that will create awareness and raise the consciousness of Nigerian girls about taking career opportunities in the maritime industry by encouraging girls to study maritime – related courses at the tertiary education level.

At the Grand Finale of the maiden Face Of Maritime International (FOMI 2016), held at Rockview Hotels Apapa on Dec 11, 2016, Miss Greatest-Love Uwadiale won the 2016 FOMI crown. While Miss Ologunwa Oyinkansola and Miss Peace Chisom Michael won the first and second runners up respectively.

To meet up with the responsibilities of their one year reign, and in line with the original intent of Face Of Maritime International, the three FOMI queens conceptualized GGOTSEC (Girls – Go – To – Sea Campaign) as their pet project.

PURPOSE: Our aim is to see in the nearest future; more Nigerian women become Seafarers, Oceanographers, Marine Engineers & Surveyors, Maritime Lawyers, Navigators, Naval Architects, Manning Agents, Stevedores, Chandlers, Ship Owners, Master Mariners, freight forwarders, Customs brokers, and the likes. This is in line with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) policy which advocates gender balancing in maritime human capacity development.

GGOTSEC, is a nation wide Campaign designed to cover the Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern parts of the country, especially the littoral states through media publicity and visitation to girls Secondary schools, creating awareness and talking to Nigerian girls on the need take career opportunities in the maritime sector by urging them to study maritime related courses.

We target to visit 50 secondary schools and reach out to over 10, 000 school girls each year. This includes public and private secondary schools with a focus on girls students only. In the future, we plan to take the campaign beyond the shores of Nigeria with the support of International maritime organisations and other foreign partners.


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