PRESIDENTIAL POLLS: APC Leads With 286,106 Votes As INEC Announces Results In 11 States, Plus FCT

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The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) is currently leading the main opposition, People’s Democratic Party (PDP) with a margin of 286,106 votes as it won 7 states out of the 11 states which the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has released the results on Monday night.

According to the state – by – state results obtained by Platform Reporters which is corroborated by INEC, below are results of the Presidential election in the 11 states plus FCT already announced by INEC:
APC: 219,231
PDP: 154,032

APC: 347,634
PDP: 337,377

APC: 152,224
PDP: 259,997

APC: 308,984
PDP: 138,184

APC: 289,903
PDP: 283,847

APC: 285,894
PDP: 218,207

APC: 402,961
PDP: 138,484

APC: 241,769
PDP: 275,901

APC: 85,058
PDP: 219,698

APC: 497,914
PDP: 50,763

APC: 54,423
PDP: 355,553

APC: 90,726
PDP: 258,573

In summary therefore, out of the 11 states plus FCT already announced by INEC, APC won in 7 states while PDP won in 4 states plus the FCT.

Below is the sum total of the Presidential elections results so far:
APC total votes: 2,976,721
PDP total votes: 2,690,615

Hence, APC is leading so far with a margin of 286,106 votes.
Collation will resume by 10 o clock Tuesday morning. Until then, Platform Reporters got you covered.


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