FOMI Contestants Begin Voting Campaign

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The 37 Contestants admitted into the Season 3 edition of the popular Face Of Maritime International (FOMI) have begun their voting Campaign.

In a press statement issued recently in Lagos by Platform Reporters, organisers of FOMI, the first round of voting which is meant to last for 3 weeks started on Saturday, 29th September and would end on Friday, 19th October 2018.

According to Mr Sylvanus Obasi, the Project Director of FOMI, voting is one of the five criteria to be considered in choosing the next FOMI queen as it tests the contestants’ popularity.

Mr Obasi revealed that each of the contestants is expected to get 1000 votes in the first round to enable her proceed to the next stage of the competition. He maintained that the good thing about FOMI voting is that one can vote as many times as he/she wants.

“The beauty of this system of voting is that one person can vote for a contestant as many times as he/she wants. This means also means that one person can just give a contestant 1000 or even 2000 votes once to meet her target, so she can focus on other criteria ahead”, Mr Obasi stated.

Speaking further, the FOMI Director, said that after the first round of voting, the second round would commence. Then the contestants would be assigned to various maritime organisations or agencies whom they would represent in the contest and that the organisations they represent would support the contestants in the second round of voting, and also buy tickets from them to attend the Grand Finale.

He outlined the FOMI voting specifications as follows:

1. #500 = 10 votes
2. #1000 = 20 Votes
3. #2500 = 50 votes
4. #5000 = 100 votes.
5. #10,000 = 200 votes.
6. #25,000 = 500 votes.
7. #50,000 = 1000 votes.
8. #75,000 =1500 votes.
9. #100,000 = 2000 votes. etc.

NOTE: The more votes you get, the more marks you score, and the greater your chances of winning.

Transfer amount of votes to Zenith Bank A/C: 1014337160. Then text Contestant’s name and amount paid to 07039705851.
You will get instant SMS informing you that your vote is successful.

Pay amount of votes into Platforms Communications Concept Zenith Bank A/C: 1014337160 using contestant’s name as depositor. She will get instant SMS informing her that your vote is successful.

NOTE: You can vote as many times as you want.


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