ANLCA Urges FG To Declare State Of Emergency On EODB

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The Acting National President of Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANCLA ) Dr. Kayode Collins Farinto has called on the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency declare State of Emergency in the maritime sector or Suspend Ease of Doing Business.

In a press statement issued by Dr. Kayode at the National Secretariat of ANCLA in Lagos at the weekend, he gave reasons for calling for the state of emergency to include dilapidated portions infrastructures and the extortion of agents by the Nigeria Customs Service.

He said “In view of the recent developments in the sea ports  and land borders, vis-A -vis dilapidated infrastructures in the ports like roads, Non existence of multi-modal transport and the multiple checking points by the Nigerian Customs Service  (NCS) and various extortion by the Maritime Police , other government agencies not complying with Executive order”.

Speaking on behalf of ANCLA members, Dr. Kayode said  “failure of NCS to conform to the implementation of ease of doing business, double examination on containers, extortion of ANCLA members,  Customs release and arrest and rearrest of containers and above all, activities of FOU to query consignment base on low cargo and low value”.

Dr. Kayode who is also the Managing Director of Wealthy Honey Investment NiG LTD  was very furious about the present state of the seaports and the land borders.

He noted that with the inconsistency of FG policy and implementation, coupled with the fact that Shipping companies and  Terminal Operators have refuse to implement, the federal government’s ease of doing business order on ease of doing business would be very difficult for Nigeria as a country to get it right.

While lamenting the suffering, serious extortion by NCS and maritime police as being meted out on his members in the maritime sector he said “The Controller General of Nigerian Customs Service, Hameed Ali is not bigger than Nigeria, he can not continue to flout the Executive order and actions is yet to be taken,  the Inspector General of Police should come to the port and see how the maritime police has left there statutory functions and now obtain manifest from shipping companies and be stopping containers and call agents for settlement in which one hundred and fifty thousand is been paid per containers ”

“We hereby call for state of Emergency or  better Suspend Ease of Doing Business in the maritime sector ”  because it is not working.   Ministries, Directorates and Agencies (MDA’s) behave to be bigger than the Federal Government they are working for and also  flouting orders given by Nigerian Ports Authority with impunity and no sanctions meted to them. Are they now bigger than the country? he asked rhetorically.

“We don’t need to pretend that there is total systems collapse in the maritime industry. Hence the FG should stop deceiving Nigerians and stop shouting about Ease of doing business because it has been abused”, he lamented.

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