CRFFN Membership Is Compulsory For All Freight Forwarders, Intending Practitioners – NAGAFF

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The leadership of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) has maintained that membership of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) is compulsory for all practicing freight forwarding and intending practitioners.
In a press statement sent to Platform Reporters on Wednesday, NAGAFF maintains that all practicing and intending freight forwarders should register with CRFFN because the Council by law has the mandate to regulate and control the practice of freight forwarding in Nigeria.
According to NAGAFF, “This is again to inform and advise all practicing Freight Forwarders and
Licensed Customs Agents as secondary Freight Agents to understand that it
is compulsory for all practitioners and intending members to register with
the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN).
And for the avoidance of doubt, it is a fact that CRFFN by law has the
mandate to regulate and control the practice of freight forwarding in
“At the moment, there are five registered Associations of Freight
Agents recognized by CRFFN and for which NAGAFF is the major player among
others with the greatest number of followers and spread across the entry
points of Nigeria international trade.
“It is also at this point that we wish to inform all freight forwarders
that CRFFN is about to conduct election into the Governing Board of the
Council management and administration.  NAGAFF has just concluded its
chapter election within the Western operation whereby every voter and
contestants were mandated to show evidence of membership of CRFFN.
“It is on record that well over ten thousand practitioners showed interest during
the election as individual and corporate members of CRFFN.  We advise that
those who did not make it during the election are once more given
opportunity to conclude their registration with CRFFN to enable them
participate in the forthcoming CRFFN election which is coming up in the
next one month.
“Accordingly NAGAFF has provided for easy access into registration of
membership of CRFFN at the NAGAFF Headquarters Lagos.  The officers of
CRFFN are presently deployed at NAGAFF Headquarters to assist all those
who want to register with CRFFN.
And for the emphasis it shall be our social responsibility to help members who had made the first payment into the Council to complete the last stage of registration with CRFFN if we can really establish that he/she cannot pay.  The old members of CRFFN are also to pay additional practicing fee of ten thousand naira (N10,000) and fifteen thousand naira to cover 2018 annual subscription fees
“It is on record that CRFFN is essentially characterised by individual
practitioners other than corporate bodies.  Therefore ownership of Customs
License is not very important to become a member of CRFFN.  In other
words, you do not require to own a Customs license for you to become a
Freight Forwarder.
“A Customs Licensed Agent is a secondary freight forwarder for the emphasis.  May we therefore direct all freight forwarders to approach NAGAFF headquarters and document themselves
properly as Registered Members of CRFFN.  This is your pride as a freight forwarding practitioner in Nigeria.
In a related development, it shall be most appropriate to advise Customs Licensed owners that the leadership of Nigeria Customs Service is primarily saddled with the responsibility of ensuring adequate collection of appropriate Customs duty on behalf of the Government of the Federation.
In other words it is to state clearly without prejudice to Customs licensing regulation, a friend of the Customs Service is he or she who is compliant to import and export regulations.
“Those who pride themselves with the ownership of Customs license which has
now turn to a major source of revenue risks to Customs regulatory duty may
be building a castle on a shifting sand because the only Government Agency
that has the duty to regulate Freight Forwarding Agents in Nigeria is the
Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFM),
established under Act 16 of 2007 of the National Assembly.
“This is exactly why the CRFFN is the only Government Agency in Nigeria that is
mandated to compile and keep the register of freight forwarders operating
in Nigeria which shall include but not limited to Licensed Customs Agents,
Corporate Freight Forwarders, Individual, Freight Associations,
warehousing operators and all others within the logistics chain.
“Accordingly, it shall be our directive that every individual freight
forwarder without operating Customs license should go to NAGAFF
Headquarters to be registered.  Others shall include Customs Licensed
Agents and Corporate Freight Forwarders etc.
“This shall be the road map to participate in the forthcoming election into the Governing Board of
CRFFN in the next one month.  In addition it is the desire of NAGAFF to assist Nigeria Customs in their effort to ensure compliance to import regulation through individuals duly accredited by CRFFN to undertake declarance status for Customs purpose.
“Whenever the Nigeria Custom management team see the need to appreciate the NAGAFF advocacy to enthrone individuals as declarants for Customs purposes, the faster they shall achieve integrity on Customs matters.

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